Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Sorry about all the hauls, hopefully you don't mind! 
Ok, so yeah, yesterday I went to IKEA for the first time, which was really fun! I was a bit confused at first but we soon understood how it worked.
The first thing I got was a desk by MICKE. In the picture below you can pretty much see everything I bought but I couldn't really take a picture of it without doing that. And sorry about the poor quality, the lighting was awful so I upped the exposure which made the photo quality bad too. Oops.
The next things were A4 boxes, which you can kind of see in the picture above on the left. They hold all my old school books in from previous years that I need to keep for exams.
Next, I got a chair by SNILLE. I really wanted this JULES one but they were out of stock and I really wanted to get it that day so I settled for this one instead.
Finally, I got smaller versions of the boxes I showed above, and also a kind of wicker basket which holds Wii things.
That's all for today gals. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different haul. Any post suggestions? Comment below. :)


  1. Cute post, I like this Haul as you said with it being different but you got lots of cute stuff, I love Ikea :)


  2. You got some lovely pieces. I love Ikea! That desk looks so nice and glossy, I want one like that :) xx

  3. i love ikea! and the desk is pretty:)



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