Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Marie Claire Freebies

Yes yes, I know I'm a bit late joining this bandwagon, but it's better late that never!

This month's Marie Claire is giving away not 1, but 2 amazing freebies!
The first is a lovely Ciate nail polish (mine is in the colour 'My Fair Lady' but there is another in a dark purple colour too called 'Wait Until Dark'). These are very lovely and are worth £9! Which makes this freebie a bit of a bargain! (Look out for a NOTD using this nail polish!)

The second is a Dove Conditioner. I was hoping to pick up the intensive repair version but none of the magazine’s in the shop I went to had them!

Overall, I think Marie Claire have done a great job and have been so generous with the prizes! Go and pick yourself up one, I doubt that you'll regret it!


  1. that looks amazing!! Magazines with the cool stuff are always sold out around me, hope there's some left :)x

  2. I have a paint pot nail polish in red that i got free from a magazine ages ago, and it's one of the best nail polishes i have!

  3. The nail polish looks great. So jealous of UK magazines!


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