Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Collective Haul

Yes yes, another haul. I got a couple of back to school things but I won't show you since they're not that interesting and I didn't get much. I did get a few treats as I go back tomorrow and it's my last free day before the whole school routine is back. Yay.
I went to Primark and Superdrug, as well as Poundland but I won't show you that stuff because I only got stuff for school there. From Superdrug, I got a MUA Professional mosaic bronzer, some hair bands and a batiste dry shampoo with a hint of colour.
From Primark, I got a kind of aztec style dress. It's quite big because I got it in a size 10 and I'm a 8 so I also bought a belt so it doesn't hang as much.
As mentioned, I also got a belt. As well as this, I picked up a purse/clutch because I've been needing one desperately as the one I have at the moment doesn't have pockets for cards or anything.
That's all for today. Hope everyone's well and is having a good time at school.


  1. Cute stuff, I'm really wanting to try the mua products.

    Lucy x

  2. I like the dress, cuter blog I'm your new follower!
      Madison's Assortment

  3. Awesome, thank you both! xxx

  4. I really want to try that MUA bronzer, heard soo many great reviews about it. Sucks, everytime i go into my local superdrugs they are sold out!



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