Friday, 10 August 2012

Etsy Shop & A Blog Makeover!

Hello lovelies! Exciting times, I've opened an Etsy shop! I only have one thing in there at the moment, and that's a handmade bracelet. I have made a couple for myself and am really happy with how they turned out - I'm a perfectionist after all, ha! I hope some people will buy them as they are quite cheap, I'm not expecting them to fly off the shelves or anything but I hope to sell a few just to earn a little bit of money! Hopefully, if it all goes well, I can add a couple more items to my shop. I'm not sure what yet though. Anyway, I hope you will all check it out, I'd love your support with this little project. Here is the link (you can also access it from it's page at the top of my blog)!
And also, just as a side note, I've been playing around with the layout of my blog recently, but I'm pretty happy with it now. Let me know what you think! Thanks lovelies, see you in my next post! Oooh, and don't forget to check out my Christmas blog swap here!


  1. Lovely bracelet, I'm thinking of opening a shop too!xx

  2. I've been thinking about opening an etsy shop for a while now! And that bracelets lovely :D I'm a new follower of yours! xx

  3. Such a lovely bracelet, I'll definitely have a look at your store :) xo

  4. Good job on the bracelet. I am actually thinking about opening an etsy shop...Can I maybe email you cause I have some questions to ask you?

    I just strated following your blog....follow me back?


    1. Of course, feel free to email me! x


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