Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My New Camera

Yay! My new camera has, after a couple of weeks of waiting, finally arrived! It is my very first DSLR camera, and though the title says 'new' it is actually second hand. But it's new to me! It's in really good condition, as is the lens which is second hand too. The picture of it is taken from my old camera, and the picture below that is the first photo I took on my new one! From now, pretty much all of my pictures will be taken with my new camera. However, I won't be taking it everywhere with me as it is quite heavy, so the occasional picture might be on my old one. It is a Canon EOS 10D, which is quite an old model but I couldn't really splurge out on one of the more recent models, and besides, I still think this one takes amazing pictures! Anyway, that's all, and I hope you enjoy my new, better pictures!
The camera (taken by my old Samsung) -

The first photo I took on it (which is slightly smaller than the photos on my old camera, not sure how to change that yet) -


  1. thank you soo much for being my 100th follower it means soo much that you followed. Cute cat xx

  2. great choice for camera! i was debating between that one and my nikon d40 :)

    xx stephanie


  3. Nice camera, and nice name. :) lol. Thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is super cute too. Wanna follow each other?


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