Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tag - Blogging Love

Hey! Today I decided to do a tag - for some reason I don't do these sort of posts very much, but I felt in the mood to today! Before I get going though, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you, the response to my first ever giveaway has been overwhelming, it's doing so much better than I thought it would and I'm glad you're all interested in trying out a Balmi! Also, I'm getting even closer to hitting 300 followers! It was only a few weeks ago that I was announcing my 200 follower giveaway - that's amazing! I love you all but I have to say I probably won't be doing a 300 follower giveaway - this one is lasting for another 2 weeks yet anyway! I assume the next one will be at 350 or 400. Thank you so much though!
Anyway, recently I've really been loving blogging, so when I saw this tag on Lauren's blog, I knew I wanted to do it. (By the way, this tag was created by the lovely Kayleigh.) All you have to do is list 5 reasons why you love to blog, plus your blogging aim, tip and a blogger who has inspired you. Let's get started!

Reasons why I love blogging -

1. The community - If you've been around for a little while, you'll know that the blogging community is absolutely lovely. I've talked to quite a few bloggers before. When I say talked, I mean I've emailed them - I doubt my parents would let me randomly meet someone off of the internet. I would definitely love to in the future though, when I'm older, though obviously I'd want to get to know whoever it is first. I've recently come across more people my age blogging, which is great as I thought it was mainly slightly older people that blogged. I love stumbling across other blogs, especially ones with pretty layouts (yes, content is important, but who doesn't love pretty pictures?). I really hope to one day be able to go to events and speak to other bloggers, maybe sometime in the near future, that would be amazing.
2. Taking photos - I never used to be into photography all that much, I just had a little digital camera that I'd snap pictures of my friends on. But blogging actually made me realise how much I love it, and now I have a DSLR! Sure, it's an older model and doesn't have video, but I still love it and I know it's going to last me years.
3. Finding new products - I love finding new products, and it's so easy to do that when blogging. Who doesn't love buying some new make-up or clothes? I certainly do! I also think you find things quicker, and snap them up before a lot of other people, as lots of bigger bloggers get sent stuff early and write about them. I always find this really helpful.
4. Sense of accomplishment - This is one of the greatest things about blogging. Whether it be reaching a new amount of followers, to getting sent a product, or even just getting complimented on your layout or photos - I always feel like I've accomplished something through blogging. I feel so happy when I get a new email about someone's comment - I read each and every one and always try to check out the blog links people leave. I really do appreciate the things you say, it makes me so happy!
5. Just generally putting together posts - I love writing, and taking photos, so creating posts is so much fun and it really helps me escape from other things going on. I know I don't always have a lot of time and find that sometimes I stop blogging, but I soon miss the overall experience and end up coming back pretty quickly! I just enjoy it so much!
Aim - I think my aim is just to enjoy myself, and if I don't feel like posting or haven't got any inspiration, I won't post. After all, this is my little space on the internet and nobody else's - and if I'm not enjoying myself, then what's the point?

Tip - My tip is to have a nice layout and big, detailed photos. If you don't have a fancy camera, and I didn't until recently, it's still easily done! I recommend taking photos from nice angles and getting swatches in a good light - simple things like that can easily help. Also, with the layout, have buttons to guide people around your blog easily, and a nice colour scheme is always good too!

A blogger who has inspired me - I was originally going to put in Zoe or Louise (I'm sure you all know who they are, I'm not going to bother linking their blogs), as they were the first bloggers I ever followed. However, I wanted to choose someone slightly smaller, but just as inspiring, and in the end I went for Lily. Her blog is just so gorgeous and when I clicked on it I followed immediately, before I'd even read anything - that's the sign of a good layout. But when I did start to read, the content was just as good, and I read practically all of her posts. I hope you enjoy her blog too!

Anyway, that's it for today. It was really fun to write about my love for blogging, and feel free to do this post too. I tag all of you!

And don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends in only 2 weeks!


  1. hello mrs!
    i saw your comment on my blog so i popped over to say and i'm actually surprised how much i love your blog; its really refreshing and i love the layout and design, so much so that i've actually just contacted imogen!
    anyway, as i like your blog so much i am your newest little box in the followers list and i can't wait to see what else you post.
    hope to speak soon, you definitely seem like someone i'd get on with, you're definitely someone i can relate to.
    hope to hear from you again soon,
    laura xx

  2. I agree with ^Laura ! :) you have a cute, girly and amazing blog! <3 you wanna follow each other? just let me know, sweetie :)


  3. Wonderful post dear :))
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :) it is international!

  4. This post really made me smile - it made me think about all the reasons I love blogging, and how blogging has not only brought me closer to other people, but it's made me realise a bit more about myself! I abasolutely love your blog, the colours are perfect!

    Pip x

    1. Thank you, that's really lovely! :) x

  5. great post... inspirational! sense of accomplishment is definitely the main reason for me.
    man, I want these keyboards stickers... sooo cute!! ;) x


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