Sunday, 7 October 2012

Max Factor Weightless Foundation

Hey! Today I wanted to review a product that I've been using for quite a while now - Max Factor's Weightless Foundation.

As I said, I've been using it for a while now, and it's actually almost empty.
On the back of the product it says 'Luxurious flawless coverage with a weightless feel. Suitable for sensitive skin. Won't clog pores. Oil free.' I definitely agree with all of this. For one, the coverage is perfect. It covers spots and imperfections without making skin look cakey, and even though I was skeptical about its 'weightless feel' - it does feel like you're not wearing foundation. Also, it doesn't cling to your dry patches, which I've found matte finish foundations are more inclined to do than dewy ones. As well as this, even though I do have sensitive skin, it hasn't broken me out at all.

You get 30ml of product with this foundation, which - for me at least - is pretty average. I found that this actually ran out quite quickly though, so when I repurchase it I might have to use it more sparingly.
The colour may be slightly too light for me - at school the lights wash us out and I find myself looking a tad ghostly in the mirrors. They do have a good colour range though, even for pale skinned people like me.

I hope you enjoyed my review, if you have any questions leave them in the comments! Byeee!


  1. great review! it seems good for oily skin, i dip in oil haha.. xx

  2. might have to try this out..foundations always make me look like i've been dipped in fake tan..nothing suits me! but this sounds great!

    www.styleinwonderland.blogspot ( got a post coming up about eos/balmi lip balms which i think you'd love)

  3. great post hun, ive always wanted to try this but never actually have! x

  4. i think the color looks just fine on your skin. it looks natural, unless you wanna go for a different style, like tan perhaps which would look just as great!


  5. I have heard good things about maxfactor foundations, should really get around to trying one :) x

  6. I've not seen this one before but from your review it sounds really good for my type of skin. May have to seek this out next time I'm after a foundation.



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