Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Hi! Today I thought I'd do my Christmas Wishlist because Christmas isn't far away now - exciting!

1. Real Techniques Core Collection or Starter Set
I've been wanting these for ages but they are slightly pricey, so I thought I'd put them on my Christmas list instead. I doubt I'll get both of them but I'd be happy with either anyway, ha!

2. Blog Inc

This seems like such a cute little book, and I've heard lots of good things about it from other bloggers.

3. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I've been wanting to get this for years, and yet for some reason I just haven't got round to buying it - but this year I definitely hope I'll get given it!

4. Any Yankee Candles

I've had a couple of sampler Yankee Candles in the past but now I'd love to try some of the larger sizes instead.

5. Models Own Polishes

Again, these are something I've wanted to try for a long time but just haven't gotten round to buying. I'd especially like to try the Beetlejuice ones.

6. Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

This is another one of Lush's Christmas products that I want to try - I smelt it in the shop and loved the scent so much.

7. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub

This is yet another product that I've wanted for so long, and I hope I get it this year!

8. New Look Peplum Top

Peplums are so popular at the moment but I haven't got the chance to buy anything peplum yet. These New Look tops are so reasonably priced and cute, I couldn't resist putting it on my list.

9. Lee Stafford De-Humidifier Spray

I'd actually love to try anything from Lee Stafford's Poker Straight range as I've heard such good things about everything - I chose this one mainly because it had really great reviews!

10. Camera Tripod

I'd absolutely love to have tripod because, when it comes to taking pictures, I have really shaky hands. My friend actually bought me a cute mini one last year, but that broke because I used it so much! I doubt it would have held up under the weight of my new DSLR anyway!

I hope you enjoyed this post -  I don't do many wishlists but it was really fun and made a change!

Also, my giveaway has ended and the winner is Charlotte. Congrats! I've emailed you, and I hope you enjoy your prize!


  1. We have such similar minds, if I don't already have some of these, I'd definitely love to get them for Christmas! I'd love to get the book and some Lush lip scrubs especially. xo

  2. I have the lush lip scrub in Bubblegum, it's so lovely. x

  3. Ohhh fab xmas list, I want nealry everything on your list.
    Models Own polishes are the best but I already own nearly 100 polishes and my boyfriend refuses to buy me more!
    Lovvve that soap and glory breakfast scrub, i use it once a week in the morning, it smells good enough to eat.
    I need a new tripod too, there's something not quite right when people take pictures for me.

    Thank you for emailing me about the necklace :)

  4. I LOVE the lush snow fairy, it smells amazing!
    I also have my eye on a purple models own nail varnish :)

  5. Snow fairy smells heavenly. So does any yankee candle Ive ever picked up!
    Great christmas wishlist:)

  6. I just got the real techniques core collection, it's fab and worth the money! I have so many candles on my christmas list too, it's addictive! x

  7. My Christmas wishlist is quite similar to yours, this year, the Real Techniques Core Collection and the Blogs Inc. book are both at the top of mine, too! And how perfect are New Look's peplums, this year?
    Lush Snow Fairy is one of the best Christmas products out there, such a gorgeous smell! xx

  8. i love this list, all the pink things and yummy things, its vay girly!

  9. very lovely wishlist! hope you will find everything under christmas tree!

    check my blog

    if you like it lets follow each other!

    love <3

  10. Snow Fairy is amazing, if you don't receive it you need to buy it!x

  11. Yankee candles are on my wishlist too! xo


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