Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Week In Instagram #2

Hi again! Sorry about the lack of posts this week, I've been busy pretty much every evening. But this week I've got at least 3 coming (including a giveaway), so hopefully that will make up for it.
Anyway, today I'll be doing another week in instagram post, as you all seemed to like my last one, and I tend to take instagram pictures more than proper ones.

Little cutie / in my pajamas / December Glamour / Glamour samples / Nails Inc Elizabeth Street / Dixi jewellery / Dixi mouse ring / Dixi necklace / me and Alf / burning a candle / Little Mix DNA album / paella rice / parents' dinner / roulade / nice and cosy / pajamas.

This week I've had to start revising for my mock exams coming up. Luckily, I tend to do my blog posts at the weekend and schedule them, so I shouldn't have to sacrifice blogging at all.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you in my next one. Byeee.


  1. Your superman pjs are the cutest, and your cat is so sweet!
    I love weeks in photos,

  2. Love these photos!

  3. That Superman tee! Too cute :) x

  4. Totally obsessed with instagram!
    Cute photos!
    S x

  5. Loving all your jewellery! Also your cats are too cute :)


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