Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Week(s) in Instagram #1

Hey! I know I haven't done a week in photos post for quite a while, but I have been taking quite a few photos on instagram recently, so I thought I'd show you some of them.
Monkey slippers / Primark, Lush and Superdrug purchases / he loves his box / new jumper from Abi / me / one of my cats looking adorable / chocolate mallows / one of the mallows / another one of my cats being cute / 400 followers / Troye Sivan followed me / parents' dinner / more dinner / my New Look jumper / Barry M Amethyst Glitter and Essie Bobbing for Baubles / two of my cats.

I will try and take more pictures on my camera or on instagram again so that I can start to do posts like this every week, but at the moment I'm quite busy juggling blogging with revising for my mocks, and mocks have to come first!

Anyway, if you liked those photos - feel free to follow me on instagram, and let me know so I can check you out too.
I hope you enjoyed this post, see you in my next one. Byeee!


  1. Very sweet photos, I love Instagram but I only have it on my iPod because I don't have an iPhone :( I wish I did but it's probably for the best, I can't work the friggin touch screen keypad!

    1. Awww, I don't even have an iPhone - it's my Dad's, I just steal it all the time, ha! x

  2. amazing photos,love it,follow you,hope you can follow me :D

  3. The cats are all so cute! and I love those monkey slippers!

  4. oh i love posts like this! lovely photos! xxxx

  5. Such gorgeous kitties! I'm in love xx

  6. Those Cadbury chocolates look delicious!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Love your blog!
    Nothing wrong with a good instagram post, i like reading them!
    I follow you now! :)

    F xxx

  8. Love these photo posts :) I will have to do my own one time, maybe a month in photos though as my 'week in photos' would be all very samey, I live a boring life lol


  9. Aww lovely post! Luv those monkey slippers & all that delicious food being cooked! Hope to see your next week in instagram soon!


  10. Love round ups like these :) youre cats are too cute! I really miss mine back home :( oh and i love your nails x


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