Saturday, 8 December 2012

Ruby & Millie Palettes

Hello! Today I have another review for you.

Ruby & Millie Scene 9 Palette*
Ruby & Millie Scene 17 Palette*

Ruby & Millie is quite a well known make-up brand, made mainly for women, however they also created a small range especially for teenagers, known as Scarlett and Crimson.
The first palette, called Scene 9, contains a bronzer, a cream lowlighter, a cream highlighter and a little brush.
The product that I'll probably use the most is the highlighter. It's very creamy and pretty, but is still quite subtle. The lowlighter is less creamy, and doesn't have a lot of colour to it, but I still think I'll get quite a bit of use out of it. On the other hand, the bronzer is a powder. It's slightly on the orange side, though I think if you had a light hand, this wouldn't really matter. Finally, they included a cute little brush. I never really use the brushes that come with palettes, however it is really good quality and hasn't shed yet.

The second palette, called Scene 17, contains six eyeshadows, an eye primer, an under-eye concealer and an applicator.
The eyeshadows are a mixture of pale, subtle colours and more bold ones. I'll probably use the pink and white the most as they're both pretty and could probably used as highlighters too. The green and blue aren't really my thing, however they're still workable. I also adore the light purple, I could use it by itself or with some other colours I own for a really nice look. The darker purple is definitely the most pigmented, and could be used for a bold, smokey eye. None of the eyeshadows are especially pigmented, however, with a primer, I think they'd last a while.
They also included a little concealer and primer. The concealer hasn't got a lot of coverage so I'd probably use it on my blemishes, and the primer is average, but I think they're both cute little products in general.

Overall, I think these palettes are perfect for teenagers, as they are cutely packaged and the products inside are quite subtle and therefore could be used everyday. Both these palettes, plus lots of others are available here from Littlewoods. They're all on sale and would make perfect gifts for Christmas!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review, see you soon. Byeee!


  1. Thanks for visiting. Newest follower

  2. Ooh, I have to admit, I've never noticed this range around, but the packaging's lovely, and I'd definitely be tempted to pick these up as stocking fillers for teenage relatives etc xx

  3. the prices are amazing! What a great idea for a gift! thank you!!

    I love the cookie cursor, it's so cute!!

  4. i adore ruby&millie, got some nail polishes for christmas last year and they are so good quality! plus they came with these cute little charms!

  5. The first palette looks great - I thought all Ruby and Millie products were discontinued :S


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