Monday, 4 February 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

Yes, this post has been going round a lot recently, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon! I almost put it up the other week but didn't, thinking it may be a bit boring, but after reading everyone else's - I just had to!
1. I'm very much a cat person - I have 4 at the moment which may seem quite a lot but who cares! However, in the future I'd really love my own dog (preferably a pug, westie or greyhound).
2. I've never actually broken any bones before.
3. I have a really varied music taste and I'll listen to almost anything. I would say that I don't like rap, but that would be a lie seeing as I love Thrift Shop.
4. I hate hate hate wasps and bees. If one comes near me, I'll freak out and run around like a loony.
5. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker at all. I prefer a cup of water or some fruit juice, and sometimes the odd hot chocolate. Oh, and I hate fizzy drinks too.
6. I watch a lot of TV. Some of my favourites right now are Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, New Girl, Glee and The Lying Game!
7. Recently, I had to pick my A-levels and in the end I went for Biology, Spanish, English Lit and Art.
8. I hate drinking/eating on the go - it makes me feel really sick.
9. In Year 6, I tripped up the stairs and chipped my 2 front teeth.
10. I'm roughly 5'2 and am the fourth/fifth shortest person in my year.
11. I'd like to study PR at a university in London and go on to work in a PR company.
12. Some of my favourite films include Notting Hill, The Terminal, Avatar, Harry Potter (any of them) and X-Men First Class. I'll watch anything really, ha!
13. In 2011, I went to Florence, Italy, for a week with my art class (including all of my best friends) and it was one of the best weeks ever.
14. I have a really narrow face, really narrow feet and tiny hands.
15. When I was younger, I had bright blonde hair that slowly faded to brown.
16. I love Little Mix. Say what you want, but their songs are so catchy! I'm actually going to see them in about a week with my friend, and I'm so excited!
17. All my immediate family have blue eyes (which I suppose isn't that interesting seeing as it's just me, my Mum and my Dad).
18. I'm not very good at observing or noticing things. My dad says I 'walk around with my eyes closed'.
19. I don't own an iPhone or an iPad.
20. I'm a perfectionist and an over worrier.
If you've done of this type of post, feel free to link it below - I'd love to see!


  1. Loved reading this, I didn't do this exact tag, but I did the Liebster Award which has lots of facts about me in it! xxxx

  2. Great post&facts, i'm really jealous that you got to go to Florence!x

  3. Great post! I would also love to work in PR and study it at university! x

  4. Ah I love this.

    Here is mine:

    Stephanie xox

  5. I also don't own an iPhone or iPad :) My '20 things' post is scheduled for tomorrow!

    1. Great, I'll definitely check it out! :) x

  6. Think I need to do this tag, I love reading them! :)

  7. Great tag, blue eyes are so pretty - you're family are lucky :) x

  8. Honey, I have 5 cats, under 10 is fine!! We should be cat ladies together!!

    Em x


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