Saturday, 23 February 2013

Empties #1

I've been collecting up my empty products for a couple of months, and now I finally have enough to do my first empties post!

Simple Cleansing Wipes - These are always my go-to cleansing wipes when I'm shopping because they don't break me out and I also just like the Simple brand in general. I prefer to use a proper cleanser and toner on a day to day basis, but when I'm in a bit of a rush I tend to reach for these instead.

Repurchase? Yes.

Kiko Concealer - This was my holy grail concealer for a long time - I literally used it every day until it was all used up. I really like pot concealers because they're compact and, to me, they seem more hygenic too. It also has great coverage without being too cakey, and I just generally think it's a great product.

Repurchase? Definitely!

Oral B 3D White Toothpaste - I know this isn't as interesting, but I thought I'd include it because I'm sure it's not just me who's on the hunt for the perfect whitening toothpaste. I think I picked this up because it's name reminded me of one by Crest, which is raved about in the US, and so I thought it might be the UK equivalent. To be honest, I haven't noticed that much of a difference, though I do like how it makes my teeth feel really clean. Maybe if I used it for a bit longer, I'd see more results.

Repurchase? Maybe.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel - I absolutely love this shower gel. The smell may not be for everyone, especially if you don't like sweet scents, but I personally love it. I'd been wanting it for years, so I was so happy when I got it for Christmas that I used it pretty much every day since then until it was all gone.

Repurchase? Next Christmas, yes!

Batiste Dry Shampoo - This is my second bottle of this (well, I'm on my third now I've used this one up), and it's just become a necessity in my everyday routine. There's not much to say about it since pretty much everyone's reviewed it, but I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you haven't already!

Repurchase? Already have!

What have you used up this month?


  1. The kiko concealer sounds great ! I love snow fairy showergel, its amazing ! x

  2. I have four bottles of snow fairy to get through. I stocked up a little too much over Christmas but it's just such a heavenly scent.

    1. That's smart, I should have done that too! :) x

  3. I definitely should have stocked up on Snow Fairy! I only have about a third of a bottle left now :( xo

  4. The kiko concealer sounds amazing, and isn't snow fairy just the best?!

    Imogen <3

  5. Love snow fairy, the scent is just amazing! xxx

  6. I really want to try the snow fairy, everybody says it's so nice but I haven't even smelt it yet haha! Thankyou again for recommending me for the witch competition, I'm so glad you got to win a prize too, what did you choose in the end? xx

    1. That's ok! :) I chose the BB cream! x

  7. I love Empties posts!
    I've never smelt Snow Fairy, I really must remember to grab a bottle or two next Christmas since everyone raves about it so much! I love Batiste though, I get through a can most months haha :)

    Jesss xo


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