Saturday, 27 April 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 2013 - Primark, Boots, New Look and Superdrug

It's been ages since I last did a haul, so as I went shopping today I decided it was time to do one again!

The first place I went was Primark, which was even busier than usual as I didn't go until a bit later in the day. I ended up getting a few things there - the first thing I got was a (very original) slogan top with 'dork' on it (£4). I picked it up in a pretty mint colour and thought it would be great for spring and summer. They actually had tons of these in stock, including some crop tops which I liked as well.

Next, I got a really pretty floral skirt (£9). I was actually hoping to get a dress but I couldn't find anything I liked, so I picked up this instead. It's the same material as the blue one I wore in a previous OOTD, and it's really good quality - I can't wait to wear it!
I then bought a bobbly blue jumper (£6), which is quite thin but I think it will go perfectly with the skirt and be great for the warmer months.
And lastly from Primark, I bought a pair of their thin summery shorts (£4) in a pretty blue and white print. I thought these would be great for wearing around the pool on holiday in the summer, as PJ's or just in the garden. I also picked up some frilly socks (£1.50) and some tights for school (£2.50).

After Primark, I popped into Boots and Superdrug. At Boots, I picked up an Essie polish in Turqouise and Caicos. I originally was going to get Butler please, but they didn't have that in the store. The lady behind the till was also kind enough to throw in a mini Nails Inc polish in Pink Fizz plus a free Prada perfume sample - yay! I also went in Superdrug to pick up one of their raved about Coconut Oils - once I've tried it out I'll probably have a review going up to let you know what I think of it.
Lastly, I went to New Look as I had a £10 gift card from my friend. In the end, I bought a grey t-shirt dress, similar to one I'd been eyeing up on ASOS, for £12.99, which was a bargain in my opinion! I also just got a simple white vest as mine are getting pretty old and tatty now.
I hope you enjoyed this haul, if you want me to keep doing them then let me know in the comments!

I also chose my prom dress today, so hopefully when it's altered it I'll do a post on it too.
What have you found in the shops recently?


  1. wow you're so lucky to have got two free things from boots !!! that's never happened to me before :( i thought the jumper and skirt would be cute too :)

  2. Love the stuff you bought! Now we have matching jumpers and shorts! xxx

    Maddy from

  3. I love the skirt from Primark x

  4. Love the Essie polish! Such a beautiful shade xx

  5. Love the skirt and the essie polish ♥

  6. Ooh I've been looking for something similar to this grey dress, might have to take a trip to new look! Also love the bobbly jumper too :)

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  7. Oooo me and J love a bit of Primark! haha :) The essie polish is lovely but do you find it chips easily? xx

  8. i love the dork shirt and i never found it in my primark...i got a sweater with "dork" on instead.

  9. That skirt is gorgeous it will look so good with the jumper! I never find anything good in primark but will be popping in on my way back from work tomorrow to look for this skirt! xo


  10. so cute! lOVE xx

  11. Love the skirt from Primark! Their so cute :)
    Saadiya x

  12. I was in Primark today and I was actually looking for frilly socks but I couldn't find them anywhere. I searched around that shop for so long! I love all the clothes you bought! You have good taste haha :)

  13. I love those t-shirt dresses they're so simple and perfect for summer! xx


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