Thursday, 4 July 2013

New MUA Nail Polishes

Recently MUA came out with some new polishes, and as they were only £1 a piece I decided to pick a few up. They had a bit of a hard time at first due to looking so similar to Essie polishes, and although this did annoy me a bit, at such a cheap price I can't really complain.
I had to wait a while for some of the more popular colours to be stocked in my local Superdrug but when they did I picked them up right away.

I originally bought a white called All Nude for my prom - it had a slightly pinky tone to it and it reminds me of Essie's Fiji. Next, I picked up Pistachio Ice Cream, which I think is one of the more popular colours that they stock, as it's quite similar to Mint Candy Apple. Lastly, I got Lush Lilac - which is kind of (but not really) a dupe for Lilacism. I've tried them all and I have to say, I'm really impressed! They dry quickly, but they also set fast too, so I find they're good if you're lazy like me about waiting around. And mine lasted for about 5 days without chipping too! Overall, I'd definitely recommend them!

Have you tried any of MUA's polishes? What did you think?


  1. I love pistachio ice cream , you should try the new mua makeup setting spray :)

  2. Gorgeous colours! I want!!!! super cheap also :)
    -Emily xo

  3. Pistachio Ice Cream is a gorgeous colour, I'll have to check these out :)

    Water Painted Dreams

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  5. Aww these look nice. I haven't actually bought any MUA polishes since they changed the packaging, will need to get on it!

    Lauren J xxxx

  6. I haven't gotten around to trying these yet, but Pistachio Ice Cream looks lovely.

    Maxine, xx

  7. The really look like Essie nail polishes, but I think MUA likes to copy other products and I think it's good because we get similar products for less money :) I really like this Pistachio Ice Cream one, so great! And I was actually looking for a good white one and if this is similar to Fiji, then I'm gonna try it :) xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

    1. Yeah, that's a good point! I don't own Fiji so I'm not absolutely sure, but from looking at other people's pictures they look similar! :) x

  8. I love Pistachio Ice Cream, it's a bit lighter than Essie Mint Candy Apple but it's a very good dupe! x
    Amy |

  9. Pistachio ice cream has to be my favourite, its such a pretty colour x

  10. Love all three of these colours, I think All Nude is my favourite just because it's like Essie's Fiji :)xx

  11. Pistachio ice cream is so pretty, I really want to try these but I must admit that the design annoyed me too! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  12. I generally love MUA, probably because it's so cheap I always feel like I'm getting a bargain! Pistachio ice cream looks really pretty, I might have to try it!

  13. I've tried Lush Lilac and Natural Days, I loved Lush Lilac but Natural Days was a bit too streaky! They took a few coats too but I'm not complaining for £1! :)

    Hannah x

  14. I went mad in Mua and got like 9 haha. only £1
    great post! I have all the colours you picked :)


  15. MUA do some great products at great prices. I've never tried their nail polishes, but the colours of the ones you've chosen look lovely =]

    Aysha x


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