Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Look Festival Fashion Timeline

I recently received a great opportunity from New Look to share their Festival Fashion Timeline with you!
Unfortunately it wouldn't quite fit onto this post, so I had to screenshot it, however if you'd like to see it in full screen you can do so on their website here.

It starts with 1969 and hippy fashion. I personally love the hippy style, though I don't wear it often enough! I definitely think it can be cute to a festival too (hello flower headbands!). In 1976 was the punk style - something that isn't very 'me', but I still find it interesting as their clothes are so bold!
Then came the 80's style - very over the top and very colourful. Next is grunge - again not very me, although sometimes a bit of grunge added to an outfit can make it more unique!
After that comes the mid/late 90's - where the clothes are starting to get a bit more modern! And later in 2004, comes the indie style. This is another style I wish I tried to wear more, although I don't really know if I could pull it off! 
This is followed by new rave, urban and then the present! To be honest, my fashion style pretty much stays in the present - however I do adore some of the clothes they wore throughout the late 90's.

Have you been to a festival recently - which one? And what festival fashion era is your favourite?


  1. This sounds like such a cool range! I've recently been loving New Look.

    Imogen <3

  2. Really cool idea!! I do love adding a bit of grunge to an outfit!

    Emma | masqueradebelle09.blogspot.co.uk

  3. oh, that's a really cool idea :)
    btw, your kitten is so adorableeeeeeeeeee x



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