Saturday, 24 August 2013

Skincare: Current Favourites

I've recently been getting into skincare more and so I thought I'd show you what I'm loving at the moment.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Wash: I've probably mentioned this face wash a few times before, however I felt the need to mention it again as I've consistently been using it! It feels very invigorating and energising to the skin and it has sort of a gel like texture which I like too. This is probably one of the only Clean & Clear products I've tried, but it's definitely made me want to go out and pick up some more.

Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up Remover: When the Garnier Essentials range came out, I immediately ran out and picked up a few things - this being one of them. I really like the concept of it - how there are 2 different liquids (a make-up removing oil and a cleansing water) and then you shake it up so they merge together. I have to say, they do separate quite fast - so you have to apply it fairly quickly, however it takes off my make-up really well and leaves my skin feeling super soft!

REN Mask Samples (ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring and Invisible Pores): I was kindly sent these samples after not being sure what REN mask to try first, and I'm glad I was as it meant I got to try a couple before buying them! I really enjoyed using the ClearCalm mask as I recently broke out and so it did a good job at calming down my spots and making them smaller. I definitely saw a difference - even after the first use! I also liked using the Invisible Pores mask - I saw a big difference too, this time in the size of my pores, as mine are quite noticeable, but not as much with spots.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser: As I have combination skin, I'm always looking for a moisturiser that isn't too heavy on the oily parts of my skin, but is still hydrating enough for my dry patches. I really like this moisturiser as it's nice and light and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or anything either.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner: After loving the Simple moisturiser, I went and picked up the toner too - and so far I'm love it too! Again it's nice and gentle on my skin, which is great as it can be quite sensitive and I'm also prone to break outs. 

What skincare have you been using recently?


  1. love the brand simple, one of the best drugstore skin care brands out there :( x

  2. I use the simple moisturizer as well and I also find that it isn't too oily and is very hydrating. And I also use the Garnier make up remover, although I find that it leaves my skin feeling a bit oily.
    Eden xxxx

    1. Yeah, that's the only annoying thing about it! I tend to just give my face a quick rinse afterwards, but it's really good at taking my make-up off! x

  3. I've also been loving the Garbier products, especially the rose cream face wash, I really want to try more thought!
    Imogen <3

  4. I have yet to try the Simple line but it seems to be getting a lot of hype right now! Definitely need to put it on my list of things to buy


  5. Simple is one my favourite brands. One of the few that doesn't break me out. xx


  6. I love that face wash too :)
    The ren masks sound lovely! I've been meaning to try a ren mask for soo long!! Feel so left out haha xx

  7. Ooh I love Simple products! Great post xo

  8. I love the Garnier make up remover, so good for such a cheap product! x

    Danielle /

  9. I had been looking at the clean&clear morning energy face wash for a while now but had never gotten around to picking it up! Sounds good though so I think I will! :)


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