Sunday, 1 September 2013

Graze Boxes: My Thoughts So Far

I've been wanting to try Graze boxes for a very long time now, and so when I finally got a debit card I quickly signed up and received my first box! Typical me, I got so excited and ended up opening all the little snacks before photographing them, so this is my second box now! However, if you do want to see what I got the first time round, I did put up a snap of it on my instagram.

The first thing I got in my box was Copacabana. It's a mixture of chocolate buttons and brazil nuts - simple but really tasty. I'd never had brazil nuts before but I really like them, and it's a great little snack to have or even a dessert.
Next I got My Thai - soy bites with a sweet chilli sauce. I love Thai food and so when I saw this I was really excited to try it, and I was really pleased too - it was delicious!
I then got Tomato & Basil Pizza - a mixture of cheese cashews, tomato baguettes and basil crunchy biscuit type things. This was probably my least favourite out of everything - however I did still like it, though I probably wouldn't want it again. It's just a bit too plain for me, though they are quite nice dipped into houmous!
And lastly, I got to try the Graze Brownie. I was a bit unsure of this at first due to the fact that it contains beetroot, but it's not noticeable at all - it just tastes like chocolate! If I didn't know any better I'd say it was just an ordinary brownie. I was so impressed by this, and it was definitely my favourite snack of the four.

Overall, I'm super impressed by Graze and am definitely considering getting some more boxes (I cancelled my weekly deliveries so that I can just get 'one off' boxes now and again). Don't forget, if you want a free box, you can use my code ZGJZJC7D.

Have you ever tried Graze? What do you think of them?


  1. I love graze boxes! They are always so tasty I never had a brownie though but they sound delicious!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. I got my first Graze box this week too and also got my thai :) I'm pretty impressed with my box so I'm going to keep a fortnightly subscription. I really want to try the brownie.

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. I love Graze boxes, it's the only thing I subscribe to monthly! I absolutely love the flapjack and the brownie!

    Lauren x

  4. I'm like you and get Graze boxes every now and then to share with my mum, everything you got looks yummy, I love Copacabana too, delish!

    Imogen <3

  5. I've had a few Graze boxes now and I do absolute adore My Thai! It's a favourite. :) I thought the brownie was a bit dry though, disappointingly.
    Mia x
    Mia Alice in Wonderland

    1. Awww no! Mine was actually quite moist though, I guess it varies! :) x

  6. I love Graze boxes! I used to have them while I was at uni. Although after a while I got a bit bored of them but I've been thinking of signing up with them again!
    Saadiya x

  7. I've been wanting to try this out for ages! May have to now!

    Emma |

  8. Cool post:)

  9. I tried my first one a few months ago! They're good but it gets eaten so quickly aha x

  10. Love graze boxes, I go through them so quickly though!
    Chloe Xx


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