Sunday, 8 December 2013

Brand of the Moment: MUA

As you all liked my last 'brand of the moment' post so much, I decided to do another one - this time focusing on the brand MUA (make-up academy). I have a huge amount of products from them, partly because they're so cheap, and so I picked some of my favourites to share with you.

Eye Shadow Palettes in Undressed and Heaven & Earth: I would probably say that MUA are best known for their palettes, and they're definitely my favourite products of theirs. Heaven & Earth is my favourite out of the two I own, because it contains lots of gorgeous natural colours that are great for every day. Despite being very cheap, the eye shadows are still lovely and pigmented and are definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!

Eye Primer: When I first got into using eye shadows, I thought it was best to pick up an eye primer as I do have fairly oily eyelids. I didn't want to go for a high end one, like Nars, straight away, so I picked up this one from MUA which was only around £2. I think you do, to an extent, get what you pay for - but it does prolong my eye shadow wear and at such a cheap price I can't really complain!

Nail Polishes in Pistachio Ice Cream, Lavender and All Nude: MUA nail polishes are, in my opinion, another one of their stand out products! I picked up these back in summer and have gotten so much use out of them since then. They're only £1 a pop, are super fast drying and last a lot longer than some of my more expensive polishes too!

Brow Kit: This is another product from MUA that I absolutely love. It was one of the first brow products I bought, and now I use it every single day! Inside, it comes with 3 different colours (I mix the darker two together) and a wax. The colour is a great match for me, and when applied with my Real Techniques Brow Brush, it gives a nice, natural finish!

Mosaic Bronzer: Lastly is their bronzer. I absolutely love the mosaic effect this has, and I like to use a big powder brush to swirl all the colours together for a bronzed, natural glow. The only downside of this product is the packaging - all the writing has rubbed off and it's also coming off its hinges, but besides that I'd definitely recommend it.

What are your favourite products from MUA?


  1. MUA is amazing, price definitely doesn't reflect it's quality! I had no idea they did a brow palette - heading to superdrug nowww!!!x

  2. I love MUA, they sell some really great products, next on my list to try is the brow set! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. Great post. I've just brought some MUA products for Christmas. I've got an eye shadow palette and I was looking online for lots of different nail polishes as they don't stock them in my local superdrug but unfortunately they're all sold out. I hope I can get my hands on some before Christmas!


  4. I have never tried MUA before but I really want to especially after reading this post! I've heard they have some really awesome products (: great post

  5. Those eyeshadow palettes look really great.

  6. I love MUA, their eyeshadows and eyeliners are amazing!

  7. I love MUA, they really have some great products :) xx

  8. Where did you get the pinterest button from!? I want one, too!! I REALLY want to try the pink nail paint!!

  9. Hi,

    Great blog but unfortunately MUA brand is not available in India, so far haven't heard before but will check online. i am your new follower, followimg you via GFC and g+, care to add back


  10. lovely post! found you via #bbloggers

    hope you reach to 900 real quick!

    zara xx

  11. I love MUA!! Next on my wishlist is definitely an eyeshadow palette. I didn't know they did eye primer either, thanks for the heads up! :)

    Heather xx


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