Friday, 26 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Let It Snow by John Green, I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, lots of chocolatey bits, four Lush products - Butterball, Northern Lights, Creamy Candy Bath and Pheonix, two rings - one freshwater pearl ring and one silver rabbit ring, New Look bag, Fat Face pyjamas, Bobbi Brown Warm Eye Palette and No Smudge Mascara, New Look dress, Pull & Bear skirt, Pull & Bear tweed backpack.

First of all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it)! I spent mine at home with my family, opening presents, eating lots of nice food and watching TV. Every year I like to do one of these posts, where I show you what I got for Christmas, and this year is no exception! Just a little disclaimer to say that I'm not trying to brag, I just personally enjoy reading these posts and they always seem to go down well with all of you!

I was very lucky and got some lovely things this year. As I mentioned in my Christmas wishlist post, I didn't ask for anything in particular so pretty much everything was a surprise! I got two bags this year - I really love the burgundy one from New Look which I chose myself, and I also got a cute backpack from Pull & Bear. One of the most surprising presents I received was the two Bobbi Brown products from some family friends. I've always wanted to try Bobbi Brown and never have, so I was really happy when I opened these! I'll most likely have a review coming in the new year. I got some lovely clothes bits too which I can't wait to wear, and of course lots of chocolate goodies! I can't wait to wear my pretty rings that my Mum bought me, and I'm also looking forward to reading the books I received.

Thanks so much to my family and friends for my lovely presents - I had a great Christmas!
What did you receive this year?


  1. I hope you had a lovely Christmas :) You got such nice presents, I love the burgundy bag! I got a Christmas onesie, bath bits and lots of chocolate! I'm putting my post up tomorrow because I left it too late today to take good quality photos oops!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. Glad you had a lovely Christmas; that New Look bag of yours is so pretty ! As for myself, got some books, makeup bits and lush products as well :)


  3. so glad you had a wonderful christmas! you got some lovely gifts :)

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  4. So glad you had a nice christmas, I love the look of all your presents!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  5. What a lovely bag Sophie! Nice collection of presents!

  6. Bobbi Brown cosmetics are a total dream - you're in for a treat! The bag is so stunning too!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  7. That bag is so gorgeous! :) Quite jealous of that one!

  8. I saw Northern Lights in a vlog once, and it was absolutely beautiful! Books are always favorites of mine to get for Christmas xx

    Emily //

  9. I'm not into What I Got For Christmas (I did a What I Gave For Christmas post on my blog though :D), but it looks like you got some great stuff! My bestie got me Lush products too haha


    1. That sounds like such a nice idea for a post! :) x

  10. Jealous! I am a new reader/follower and I'm loving your blog. I hope you keep in touch.xoxo!

    Qing's Style

  11. It looks like you've had an awesome Christmas. I did too :) You're very lucky to get all that stuff. I'd love to read Malala's book.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  12. love your bag!

  13. Your blog is honestly- utterly perfect! I even looked some of the older posts, and I just fell in love with it!
    I just am so happy that you had nice time on Christmas spent with your loved ones- same as me.
    I just love all of what you got here:)
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know:)

    1. Aww what a nice thing to say, thank you! x

  14. Looks like you got some lovely things x

  15. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas, you received some wonderful gifts. I just posted about mine today.
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes

  16. Ooooh you have goot many presents for Xmas! I really like the handbag!
    With love
    Marta from

  17. You got such lovely gifts! Hoped you had a wonderful Christmas! <3

    Colorful Closets

  18. Ooh you got some lovely things! I love seeing what other people got for Christmas. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  19. I got Let It Snow too and I really can't wait to read it!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  20. OOOOH seriously gorgeous things! Lucky girl :)

    These are such fun posts to read, I did not do one this past Christmas but so keen to do one this year :)



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