Sunday, 5 April 2015

#LDNSummerMeetUp with Beauty Babbles!

Today's post is an exciting one, and one that's been in the works for a while. I've tweeted about it a few times so you may have heard by now, but me and Kate are planning a blog meet up in London this summer and now I can officially announce it! We've set the date as Tuesday 28th July - I know a weekday might be difficult for some people but it had to be then as I work on a weekend. We haven't got all the details as we're still planning it at the moment, so this post is just to put out some feelers and see who's interested in coming.

We want to keep it fairly small as it's our first meet up - around 20 people. So if you're interested then let either me or Kate know and leave your twitter. Feel free to either comment on here or drop me an email. If more than 20 people respond, I'll still take everyone's names etc in case people change their mind/cancel (please let me know if you do). The rough idea at the moment is to do a similar thing to a meet up I went to a couple of years ago - meet in Covent Garden, possibly split into groups and go shopping, have lunch altogether and then hopefully head to a location if we can organise a brand event/demonstration. If you tweet about this, don't forget to use our hashtag of #LDNSummerMeetUp!

Let me know if anyone has any meet up tips or ways to get brands involved. I can't wait to meet more bloggers and I hope it will be a really fun day!


  1. I am so sad I live in NY and cannot attend!

  2. Hi Sophie!

    This sounds like a brilliant idea! I'd love to come along if that's okay. My twitter is @Emilylottiec and my blog is here; Maybe we could get a Facebook group going so we could all chat beforehand?

    Emily x

  3. Hiya! A meet up is such a great idea - I would love to be involved if possible! I'm over at and my twitter is @emilyloulablog. I'd love to hear more about this!! x

  4. I've been looking to go to my first meetup, and I live in London which is so convenient! :) I'd love to attend xx my twitter is @diaryofadeera and I blog over at

  5. This sounds fun. My twitter is @charliehearts_ and my blog is xx

  6. My twitter is @kiranalix

    Feel free to check out my blog

  7. Wow, your “SummerMeetUp” seems so interesting. Thanks for sharing details here. Organizing such events is really hard. You know I am having so hard time in finding the corporate holiday party ideas. It would be great if anyone of could help me guys!


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