Sunday, 24 May 2015

New In: Proactiv+ Skincare

I recently got sent some Proactiv+ products* to try and have been using them as a part of my daily routine,  and so I thought I would share my thoughts about the range. This skincare is aimed at reducing blemishes whilst still keeping the skin hydrated, which is perfect for my combination skin.

The Proactiv+ range consists of three main steps, starting with the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. I really like this product, as it cleanses the skin as well as gently exfoliating it. It cleans the skin without being too harsh, and creates a smooth base for the rest of the products. Step two is the Pore Targeting Treatment, which is probably my favourite product out of all of them. It has a lightweight gel formula and helps clear blemishes whilst stopping new ones from forming, however I really love it because it does an amazing job at minimising pores! I've noticed a big difference since using it.

The third product in the core series is the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator. This comes out like a normal cream moisturiser but applies more like a gel, which allows it to sink in quickly and keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Lastly is an extra in the range, which is the Skin Purifying Mask. This mask is great at clearing skin to avoid blemishes, and it is also slightly exfoliating as well. I've only used this a couple of times but so far I'm impressed! The first three products all contain salicylic acid, which is the key ingredient for tackling blemishes. This makes them quite strong so I find it's best to avoid sensitive areas like around the eyes, and I also like to use an extra, more gentle moisturiser to keep my skin well hydrated. But overall, I've really enjoyed testing out this range and will continue to use it from now on.

Have you ever tried anything from this brand?


  1. Will have to try this, I'm just running out of my usual exfoliator so I'm looking for something new :)

    Meme xx

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  2. I'm glad you liked the range! I've seen this brand out for ageees but never thought about trying it! It looks really nice though :) x

  3. i have'nt tried any of this product but it sounds amazing! i'll gotta check it out

  4. I tried one product from Proactive, and it worked incredibly well! Now my skin has been clear so I stopped needing their products


  5. Ooh I've been looking for new skincare products so I'll look into these, especially something that's going to minimise pores! :)
    Sian x

    1. You should, they're amazing! x

  6. I haven't heard about this brand but maybe I should research st more since I'm in the middle of changing my skincare routine ;)
    If you'd like you could check out my new blog arabesque - I'd be honored ;)

  7. I've heard loads of great things about this brand but I do wonder if they would be too harsh on my sensitive skin x

    Beauty with charm

  8. The Perfecting Hydrator sounds like something I need! Love the idea of a gel formula xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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