Monday, 24 August 2015

Cornwall Photo Diary 2015

I spent the last week in Cornwall, which was surprisingly hot and sunny! Photography is obviously a part of blogging, but it's also a hobby for me and so I wanted to share some of the photos I took whilst I was there. (On a side note, sorry that all of my posts recently have been lifestyle based, I plan on writing some beauty ones again soon I promise!)

We spent the sunniest days on various beaches, and we also explored the local town and harbour. We visited this particular place last year and so it was nice to come back again and rediscover all the cute little shops. In the evenings, we often ate out - in a pub, in Rick Stein's cafĂ© and in a small restaurant called Burgers and Fish. We also went on walks and fed the ducks at the local pond, whilst taking in the amazing views. It was a great holiday and a really relaxing week in general.

Have you ever been to Cornwall?


  1. Such pretty photos dear !

  2. It's so weird that we went to Cornwall the same week and my photo diary is scheduled to go up in a couple of days haha! Lovely pictures though, I was so happy with how hot and sunny it was, makes a difference from the North!

    Just Little Things xo

    1. Ahh that is so weird! And yeah the weather was lovely! x

  3. WOW Cornwall looks absolutely beautiful! I love your photos!
    Mmm and i love it when the clouds are perfect for pictures...especially in your 5th shot!

  4. I went to Cornwall a few times when I was younger, it's such a pretty place. Gorgeous photos!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Blog


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