Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What I've Learnt From Freshers Week

Sunday 14th of September: the day I officially left home and moved up to university for the first time! The first week, or Freshers week, was pretty hectic - going out every night starts to take its toll on you after a while. Although most people have finished their Freshers week now, I thought it would be interesting to share a few things I learnt from the whole experience!

1. Spend time with your flatmates
This may sound pretty obvious, but right from the beginning I tried to constantly talk to my flatmates. Make sure you keep your door open if you can - it's much more sociable and it gives you a chance to get to know everyone rather than just sitting in your room. 

2. Make the most of going out
This one varies from person to person as not everyone likes to go out all the time, but I'd definitely recommend going out as much as you can with your flatmates or whoever you're friends with as it's a great way to socialise and have fun before lessons begin.

3. You have to clean, and it sucks!
I think it depends on how used to doing chores you are, but for me cleaning is probably my least favourite part of living by myself. I've pretty much managed to keep my room in an acceptable state, but sharing the kitchen with five other people means that it can get very messy! Just make sure you chip in and do your bit, otherwise you'll be living in filth!

4. Keep an eye on your money
During the chaos of Freshers week, it's easy to spend money on various things - like meals out or alcohol. Just make sure you know how much you're spending - nobody wants to be using their overdraft so soon!

5. Take all the opportunities you're given
University is all about getting involved in new things, and events like the Freshers and Societies Fayres are great ways to do this. Join clubs and sports and go to the various socials - not only is it a good way to find new interests but you're also bound to make friends too.

Are you currently at university? What did you think of Freshers week?


  1. The last one is so so true. I loved uni, it was the best thing I ever did and I really did try and do everything I wanted - including a summer in Thailand! You will learn and grow as a person so much at uni, I hope you have a great time xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Wow that sounds amazing, very jealous! x

  2. Sounds like you've had a great week so far
    Best of luck with your studies, enjoy uni as much as you can! It's all over too soon


  3. Glad you've had a great week so far! I think I enjoyed myself far more after Freshers, I feel like the first week was too hyped up haha x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. Oh really? I loved it, but I guess it's different for everyone! x

  4. Glad you enjoyed the week. I like posts like these.
    Good luck with the rest of your university years :)


  5. I defos agree with this! And make the most of going out in first year! I went out quite a bit but wish I had taken the opportunities to go out more rather than been like 'I have lectures tomorrow!' Now I am in third year and it actually counts significantly :( x

  6. I hope everything goes well for you at uni!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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