Saturday, 15 March 2014

Birthday Wishlist

As my birthday is in less than a month (5th April, mark your calendars), I decided it was time to share my birthday wishlist with you!

The first thing (and also the thing I want the most) is the Zara Mini Office City Bag. I've been needing a new bag for absolutely ages as the one I use at the moment is completely ruined, and this bag from Zara is definitely my favourite! I was going to be different and ask for the grey one instead, but to be honest I just love the black one too much! Next is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Again, I've been eyeing this up for a while now and I actually prefer the colours in this to the newer Naked 3 palette. 

Then I added some clothes to my list. The first thing I like is this dress from Topshop. I saw it in the shop the other week and have had it saved to my favourites since then - I adore the print. I also saw this cute cat skirt on ASOS - who doesn't love cats?! I've had this Monki top saved to my favourites for ages now too, I love the floral print - I think it's so pretty. And lastly on my birthday list is this gorgeous mint green purse from ASOS. As I am asking for a new bag, I thought why not ask for a new purse too, and and I adore the colour as well.

I'm not expecting to receive all of this by any means, especially as I'm also asking for driving lessons - yay! I can't wait to start learning to drive, I think it'll be great!

What's on your current wishlist?


  1. Love the dress and the skirt is so cute
    : ]

  2. Love that cat skirt, so cute! I've just posted my March wishlist! x

    Amy |

  3. I really love Zara's bags, they always have so many beautiful ones that I might have to put one on my birthday wishlist too! This is such a cute collection of things, I hope you get them! :)
    KJ xo

  4. I love the Naked 2, I hope you get some of the stuff that you are wishing for! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  5. The bag is gorgeous - I love Zara bags! :)

  6. I love my Naked 2 palette :) I hope you enjoy driving as much as I do! I'm currently wishing for the essie spring collection :P

    Kate xo //


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