Sunday, 28 June 2015

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

I'm a bit of a tanning novice - I've never had a spray tan or used fake tan properly, I much prefer to play it safe with a gradual tan. When I heard that St Tropez had released an in shower gradual tan, I immediately went and picked it up. It promises no streaks and the fact that you can use it in the shower seems quick and easy too.

So far I've used this four times, which is enough to have seen a significant difference! You apply this after showering on damp skin, leave it three minutes and then wash it off. It's very simple and the lather it produces allow you to easily see where you've already already applied the product. I find that it has given me a natural, glowy tan that is definitely noticeable. I do have fairly pale skin though, so if you have a medium to dark complexion I'd say that this maybe isn't the product for you.

I would still recommend exfoliating/moisturising in preparation for using this, even though it's only a gradual tan, as I've found I have a couple of darker patches on the backs of my ankles. Other than that, it's given me a gorgeous, completely streak-free tan without the harmful UV rays of the sun! I'd definitely recommend trying it if you're after a natural tan that requires little effort. It's usually £14.50 but is currently on offer at Boots here.

Have you tried the St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower? What did you think?


  1. I was interested in trying out this product and your post has definitely tempted me! I love using a gradual tan for summer and one that can be applied in the shower in 3 minutes sounds PERFECT! Tanning made easy!

    Jasmine |

    1. You should definitely try it out - it's great! x

  2. I love a good gradual tan, I have no experience with the real tanning creams so this is definitely something I wanna try :)


  3. Definitely need to try this!

    Lauren x |

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  6. Oh this sounds lovely! I really want to try some products from this brand :) I have only ever tried self tanning mousses or lotions but this one seems to be really quick and easy to apply! x
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  7. Sounds interesting, definitely need to try this.

  8. I haven't tried any tanning products either! This one sounds lovely :)

    Sarah |

  9. I've never heard of such a product before, but it sure does sound tempting. I hate faffing about with fake tan, but this sounds easy enough :) xx
    Fashion Infatuation

  10. I've never tried this product, but it's definitely something I need to invest in. I feel like I'm so pasty right now. LOL!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  11. I love the idea of gradual tans that you can apply in the shower! Unfortunately for me I'm allergic to an ingredient in tanning products :( Great review!

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  12. This is such a fun post and super helpful, since the town I'm living in does not have any nearby tanning salons. thanks for sharing
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